Networking & Cloud Computing Program

Learn the Skill that matters

With CCNA, CCNP, AWS & DevOps

Build your MNC portfolio

Know your strength & enemy
with ITIL & PMP

Eliminate the Job vs Experience loop

Earn the experience & certificate from our projects

Build your MNC portfolio

Know your strength & enemy with ITIL & PMP

Our graduates represent top organizations worldwide

Network & Cloud Computing Program

What do you get?

UNLIMITED HOURS of self-paced classes, our curriculum is always updating & evolving with the newest content followed by the industry.

We'll be teaching everything right to the smallest details, starting from the foundation to the enterprise level.

The knowledge, which you can leverage to provide value to the companies.
Yes, it’s not easy and that’s why give us the opportunity to help you out.

You will be working on real research or design projects, which are the actual assignment from the companies.

We will provide some part of our client’s project work to our alumni. This will help to eradicate the classic loop of “Job Vs Experience” and you can simply say yes, when you are asked to produce the legitimate experience for a job with fortune 500 companies.

Who is benefited ? it is a Win Win situation for both of us. We reduce the work base cost for our client work and you earn your career path ahead.

Simply put, build a profile that gets you the job. Earn your experience certificate by working on actual industry-relevant projects.

Money back guarantee. we're so confident that if you don't land a job within 6 months post your successful program completion.
You can ask for a 100% refund, no questions asked.

Corporate Framework

Includes ITIL & PMP training, learn corporate-skills along with the technical.

Career Guidance

Follow the best approach. Let most experienced industry experts guide your career.

MNC Ready Profile

Gain industry experience by working on real-projects and receive your experience certificate.

Why opt RouteFabric's Network & Cloud Computing Program?

Best of Job hunters
In this entry-level MNC bootcamp, our trainers will prepare learners to take the Network and Cloud journey, which includes the topics from CCNA, CCNP, AWS, DevOps, Network/Cloud Foundation and Network transformation going through various phases (design, build and operations).

Bootcamp will also walkthrough the Research/Work papers from one of the RouteFabric clients, which will provide the deep insight to the learners on “how the things work” with the key projects and teams within an MNC. The part of research work can also be added to your resume portfolio.

Post the completion, the candidate will be able to navigate his/her preferred area or expertise.
Build an MNC level portfolio
The program will also include the walkthrough of various levels of responsibilities within IT industry for candidate to understand their possible roles and carve the path ahead.
Just a small example, that how it should help candidate with the Job Ready Package of this Bootcamp?
Company xyz, has the big offering/project and advertised various roles.
The entry level positions are distributed something like below:
Network or Cloud Engineer
Project Coordinator
Service Delivery Manager

It is challenging for the Entry Level Candidates to select the Service Delivery position when they are preparing for purely technical side, however with addition of enterprise processes and methodologies knowledge (which is covered in our Job ready package) they will qualify for the Service Delivery Manager position as well, which will even have the higher salary, plus it also provide the advantage to compete others in SDM (Service Delivery Manager) domain, as candidate will already have the edge to your technical side.
And vice-versa if candidate happens to apply for Network/Cloud Engineer role, they already have the edge due to their knowledge of Enterprise processes.

These may look like small differences, however generate the biggest impact in the industry. So, if you are enrolling, be prepared for a roller-coaster ride.
Excessive demand means high earning potential
With such a significant demand, which is drastically increasing every year. The employers are paying the average minimum salary of $104,500 per annum to cloud computing professionals, and as your experience increase the average earning potential can reach upto $470,000 per annum.
Multi-skill adaptability
Networking as your expertise, will open doors to limitless opportunities in Networking and Cloud Computing, from working as a freelancer to the fortune 500 companies.
Role Flexibility
Although there are various positions you will be able to apply post the program completion , but just to name a few like – Cloud computer administrator, Network administrator, Cloud product manager, Jr. Data centre analyst, AWS architect, AWS administrator, AWS associate, etc.
Kindly follow these guidelines for optimum outcome.
We would recommend you to not “apply” for any jobs until our program is completed to enable you with full capacity before any interviews.

Our programs are designed to develop the strong fundamentals and experience to cater the MNC requirement.
Networking and Cloud Program criteria

What Do you require?

Just Hardwork and be dedicated to the task.

Sure, our learning programs requires some commitment but so does everything else worthy of your precious time. Here at RouteFabric as we’ve said then and again, that we only believe in outcomes. So we only ask, is for you to be motivated throughout the process and let us take care of the rest.

A Desktop or Laptop (can be any windows or mac).
An internet connection.
Since it’s an online course.

What Do you not require?

Any previous technical experience in Cloud Computing or Networking.
You don’t need to have any prior experience in Cloud Computing/Networking, however awareness to the usage of the Desktop/PC is required.
The good part is that you don’t have to worry about any tools as you will already be provided with the “go to” interface to get started as soon as you are enrolled.
A lot of time
As we understand that most of the students may have other obligations therefore the minimum requirement for the program is 6 hours per week.
With that you should be able to keep up with the outcome that we have designed for you in our program.

Network & Cloud Computing Program

The curriculum for this course is regularly updated and is evolving as per the most updated industry requirements and best practices.

Course Content

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Networking for Cloud Computing (Core)
Networking for Cloud computing - (Layer 2 Networking)
AWS Solution Architect – Associate
Lesson Content
0% Complete 0/57 Steps
AWS Solution Architect – Associate (Section B)
Cloud Programming
Essential Implementations (Network Security)
Networking for Cloud computing - (Layer 3 Networking)
DevOps (Open Source)
DevOps (Open Source) - Module B

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