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Network Security Bootcamp

Build the foundation for Network security and ethical hacking

Network security

Murugan K.(10+ Experience) | Project instructor - Hiroku N.

Course Description

The Network security bootcamp is an industry-leading program that recognizes the real-world experience necessary to succeed at the highest executive levels of information security. Bringing together all the components required for a C-Level positions.

What you’ll learn

The program combines audit management, governance, IS controls, human capital management, strategic program development, and the financial expertise vital to leading a highly successful IS program.

How we do it ?

Material in the Program assumes a high-level understanding of technical topics and doesn’t spend much time on strictly technical information, but rather on the application of technical knowledge to an information security executive’s day-to-day work. The bootcamp aims to bridge the gap between the executive management knowledge that CISOs need and the technical knowledge that many aspiring CISOs have. This can be a crucial gap as a practitioner endeavours to move from mid-management to upper, executive management roles. Much of this is traditionally learned as on the job training, but the Training Program can be the key to a successful transition to the highest ranks of information security management.

Now updated to cover all of the Evolving Technologies topics included on the latest version of the bootcamp blueprint, including cloud technologies, network and programmability.