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RouteFabric Advisory Board

Since our launch in 2017, We have tackled the systemic inclusivity and diversity problems within today’s tech industry. We are driven to move the dial even further to help guide our mission and achieve our goals and are beyond proud to introduce our Advisory Board. Our board members have a wealth of knowledge and experience that can help steer and nurture our next wave of growth and provide essential advice on a range of strategic topics including: diversity, governance and ethics in tech.

Career Support

Post Traning

Our Partnership team is dedicated in supporting you find a career, you will love and thrive in. We offer career coaching, job opportunities within our network and career advice including CV support and interview preparation.


Alumni Network

RouteFabric Alumni is a professional network that will support you achieve your goals

Upskilling Events

You will join our alumni forum, and get invites to networking events, and upskilling trainings.

Upcoming Events

Come and see what all the fuss is about! Visiting RouteFabric either virtually or irl is a great opportunity to meet students, coaches and soak in the RouteFabric atmosphere.

26 November 2023